M. M. wrote this letter to Supervisor John Avalos expressing her concern about the proposed disc golf course and her exasperation at the process by which the course was planned.

M. M.
San Francisco 94112

June 14, 2010

Supervisor John Avalos
District 11
San Francisco, CA

 Dear Supervisor Avalos:

I supported you with my vote in the last election.  I am requesting your support in declaring an immediate moratorium on any legal agreement with the S.F. Disc Golf Club for the construction of a disc golf course in John McLaren Park.  I am appalled that the disc golf course plan was made by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department without proper public notice.  As a homeowner in the Excelsior District and a long time resident of San Francisco County, I have operated under the assumption that San Francisco’s Sunshine Ordinance required City Departments to conduct city business with transparency and to inform the surrounding neighborhoods of any changes in the use of public land.  Since I am in the park every morning at 7a.m. walking my dogs, I know that no such notices were posted.  SF Recreation and Parks Department stated at a April 10, 2010 meeting in Crocker Amazon that they had posted notices in the park. This is an absolutely false claim.  I never saw any public notices posted at the park. 

John McLaren Park is an oasis in the much neglected southeast area of the City providing a rich, nature experience to children, families, and residents of bordering neighborhoods including Vistacion Valley, Excelsior, and Mission with an easily accessible outdoor experience.  The diversity of our great City is reflected in the wide range of activities people are engaged in:  children squealing with delight at the site of baby ducks, families having a picnic, joggers, walkers, tai chi aficionados, bird watchers, dog walkers, leisurely strollers through eucalyptus lined trails, listening to D.J.’s jamming at the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater.   All of this was happening at the park this past Sunday, June 13th.  I love McLaren Park for the same reason I love San Francisco, a melting pot of people and ideas, a love of the outdoors and an appreciation of San Francisco’s natural beauty. 

I can not imagine why the Board of Supervisors would support decimating such a beautiful environment.  Our city is committed to urban habitat restoration not destruction.  I strongly urge you to support our natural heritage.  Perhaps that is the lesson of the Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill.  We should learn to treasure and protect our environment. 

At a minimum I urge you to hold SF Recreation and Parks Department accountable to the legal requirement for a full public notification process and to conduct an Environmental Impact Review as required by law.  

In summary, I urge you to:

I have become an active member of the Save McLaren Park grass roots community group.  Our group intends to monitor your responsiveness to your constituencies’ request and make sure the City adheres to its own legal requirements for full public participation in our local government’s decision-making process.   

Thank you in advance for you consideration.


M. M.
San Francisco 94112

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