disc golf, San Francisco
and McLaren Park


A brief history of disc golf
in San Francisco

1997   A 24-hole disc golf course is proposed for McLaren Park. At Rec/Park public forums, community members express fierce opposition, causing the SF Disc Golf Club (SFDGC) to withdraw its proposal.  

2002   Rec/Park approves SFDGC’s request for the construction of a 12-hole temporary trial course at Golden Gate Park –the course is built and usage by players begins

2005   After reviewing GG gardeners’ and naturalists’ concerns of environmental damage caused by the sport, the Rec/Park Comm. approves the permanent upgrading of the GG 12-hole course to an 18-hole course and, to the disc golfer’s surprise, grants a bonus 18-hole course for McLaren Park. This decision was not agendized prior to the meeting, nor was there notification of McLaren neighbors.

2010   In March, with a few posted fliers, Rec/Park finally notified the McLaren community of its plans to begin construction of a disc golf course that summer. In response, neighbors formed the group, Save McLaren Park (SMP) and hundreds of concerned angry citizens packed a Rec/Park informational meeting. Later in the year, respected environmental groups such as the Sierra Club, SF Tomorrow, and the California Native Plant Society join our cause as well as many community business and social groups. SMP’s analysis of government documents produces a timeline that convinces Rec/Park Open Space Advisory Comm. (PROSAC) to call for a proper public hearing on the issue. Later, in that same June meeting, Pres. Buell admits the missteps of Rec/Park and calls for a public hearing.


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